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  • Happierwithoutclothes
    Welcome to the group. I ve had my scanner just about a week and now know enough to be declared officially dangerous . Seriously though, this is a feature
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2010
      Welcome to the group. I've had my scanner just about a week and now know enough to be declared officially "dangerous". Seriously though, this is a feature packed scanner, that for me, was pretty complicated. I've chatted online with a member who really set me straight and gave me some very good advice.

      First, it's easier to get started if you download a couple of free programs.

      Freescan http://scannow.org/

      Radio Reference http://www.radioreference.com/

      I.D. Tracker

      Radio Reference allows you to find the frequencies of the systems in your area by zip code.

      Freescan makes it very simple to copy those frequencies to your scanner and upload them in to your scanner.

      I.D. Tracker II lets you see the "hits" and logs them for you to research further to customize what you like to listen to.

      The scanner can be programmed with the buttons but good luck figuring it out. I've got a technician class ham license and I am embarrassed to say that I uploaded about 3000 channels from all over the country, didn't hear anything for about a week until Any_of_1 from this group showed me the above software.

      Also, you'll need serial to USB cable, unless your computer is very old and has a serial port. Don't buy one at Radio Shack! I paid $38.95 and found on just this week at Office Depot for $11.95. Oh well, live and learn, but no reason you have to learn like I did.

      The Freescan makes it easy to back up the frequencies that you get from Radio Reference, along with your scanner settings. If you remember to back up to your hard drive, you can have more fun experimenting with your scanner. With a backup, you never have to worry about messing your scanner setting up, since it's a snap to restore them.

      I hope you have fun and if it's ok, I'll send you a buddy list request so we can learn together through Yahoo Chat. So look for my Yahoo screen name and don't block me.


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