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(fwd) New announcement: FreeSCAN 0.9I Available

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  • Keith
    On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 00:51:42 -0000 scannow.org in about New announcement:
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      On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 00:51:42 -0000
      "scannow.org" <webmaster@...>
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      about New announcement: FreeSCAN 0.9I Available wrote:

      This new version incorporates bug fixes, new features and improvements.

      FreeSCAN 0.9I

      -New: The old logging system did not seem to receive a lot of love, I have
      redone the logging
      system to be a bit more presentable & user friendly.
      -New: Added "Blind Friendly" mode - displays an additional menu in the
      main editor that allows
      keyboard access to certain function that were only available with the GUI.
      -New: The GPS entry dialog has been changed to be easier to use. Only one
      text box to fill out for location,
      and the Google maps viewer is now integrated into the form so you don't
      have to view the maps in a browser.
      -Change: The function to lockout all systems/sites simultaneously has been
      changed to only do one system at once.
      This is handy for multi site trunk systems because now you can lock/unlock
      all sites with one click.
      -Fix: Problem logging NACs on 996XT
      -Fix: UASD file import causes audio type to be set to Analog on some
      -900Mhz systems on XTs now downloaded back as 900Mhz systems rather then
      800/900 sites to help with cross
      -900Mhz systems uploaded to XTs will now upload back as 800/900 mhz
      systems rather then Custom
      -Fix: Issue with importing certain rare counties using the RR web service
      that cause a hangup
      -Fix: RR has apparently added a new country to their database. As a
      result, clicking on the American
      flag in the RR import screen caused Uruguay to load up instead of United
      -Fix: Geocoding functionality has been tweaked to be a bit more reliable.
      -Other bug fixes and improvements

      You can view the full announcement by following this link:


      The scannow.org Team.


      Best Regards, Keith

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