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Re: [BCD396XT] Quick Keys

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  • Richard A. Victor
    See below... ... Yes ... Right ... The System/Site Quick Keys (SQKs) for conventional systems are at the system level, but for trunking systems, they are at
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2010
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      See below...

      At 01:02 PM 3/8/2010, you wrote:
      >I've owned many scanners over the years but the "Quick Keys" on the
      >last few models of the Uniden devices have me a little baffled.
      >Can I assume that the "quick keys" on the 396XT and the 996XT
      >operate the same?


      >The "quick keys" can be used at a system and a Group level for
      >including or excluding stuff?


      >Can the "quick keys" be assigned to a system, a group, and a
      >frequency simultaneously?

      The System/Site Quick Keys (SQKs) for conventional systems are at the
      system level, but for trunking systems, they are at the site level.

      There are also Group Quick Keys at the group level of both
      conventional and trunked systems.

      There are no frequency quick keys.

      >Let's say I have 20 systems with 20 groups in each system. If I
      >assign a quick key to a system will all the groups in the system be
      >controlled by that key?

      Yes. Toggling that SQK will toggle the entire system active/inactive.

      >If I was scanning 20 systems and heard something on one system that
      >I wanted to listen to would I need to "lock out" the remaining 19
      >systems or is there another way to scan just one system or group?

      If you press and hold the Hold key, it will be in System Hold and
      will stay on that system. You could then use the GQKs to narrow down
      the particular group that you wanted to stay on.

      You can have 100 different SQKs, but each system only has 10
      GQKs. You can assign more than one system/site to a SQK and more
      than one group to a GQK.

      There's a wiki article here that may be helpful:



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