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Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Kudos to UPMan, Uniden and Beta Testers!

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  • MCH
    How many lawsuits? Who knows. It could be none, but Uniden might just be complying with a federal mandate that earphone levels not exceed X dB - similar the
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 3, 2010
      How many lawsuits? Who knows. It could be none, but Uniden might just be
      complying with a federal mandate that earphone levels not exceed X dB -
      similar the the mandate that requires the weather alerts to be at
      *least* X dB. Or, they may just be adopting a "CYA" philosophy.

      Which speaker are we talking about?

      An extension speaker made for an earphone jack should have an amplifier
      built in.

      There are three types of jacks that scanners have:

      1. Earphone jack - designed for 32 ohm earphones only. I believe the
      Uniden manual states this specifically.

      2. External Speaker jack - designed to drive external (or extension) 8
      ohm speakers.

      3. Line Out jack - designed to provide fixed, standard line level audio.
      This level is on similar lines as the earphone jack, and can be used
      with an external speaker provided it is an amplified speaker. Some
      people might find the level acceptable with non-amplified speakers.

      Will one work with another type of jack? Yes - sometimes.

      All this said, is it possible you had the audio on the 396T raised
      artificially, such as having the channels programmed for NFM when the
      signals were FM, but the XT has the mode set correctly?

      Is it possible your 396T was modified to raise the level of the earphone
      jack? Yes, there are mods out there to do this, but the proper way to
      deal with not having the correct jack type is to compensate for it with
      your device - such as using an amplified speaker for an earphone jack

      As for intent of criticism, I don't see how "would ding it on" is
      anything short of criticism. True, not very harsh criticism, but if you
      want to replace that word with "critique", that is fine with me. Even if
      you want to continue to call it a 'ding', that's fine. Just change my
      reply to the effect that the 'ding' is not justified, as the earphone
      jack was not designed to drive an 8 ohm speaker.

      As for the "people in this country are getting so wuss-ified and lawsuit
      happy.", that is absolutely true, and Uniden's decision to take
      preemptive action against a stupid lawsuit is the type of thing we will
      see when the courts rule in favor of people who had the ability to do
      stupid things, then sue for it. The courts have ruled it is the
      responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure people can't do stupid
      things, or be held liable if they can.

      We definitely agree the XT is an awesome scanner. The only thing we seem
      to disagree on is whether an earphone jack should be able to drive an
      external speaker. Again, Uniden states that it is for earphone use only.

      Joe M.

      fhgdel wrote:
      > Wow...wonder how many lawsuits have been filed on the 396T which drove that external speaker just fine.....and that extension speaker is MADE for scanners earphone jack. I was trying to imply how much I enjoy the scanner, not criticize it or hurt anyone's feelings. I don't know about most people, but if I had a headphone or earphones plugged into that jack and it was loud, I would turn that little black knob on top counter-clockwise and remedy the situation. people in this country are getting so wuss-ified and lawsuit happy. Get real people who would file a lawsuit against some manufacturer who "warned you to begin with by the way" to be careful when listening with headphones/earphones. Same category as someone filing a lawsuit against McDonalds because the spilled hot coffee on themselves. Anyway!!!!! Again....awesome scanner UPMan and Uniden!!! Awesome.
      > --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, MCH <mch@...> wrote:
      >> That's because it's an earphone jack and not an external speaker jack.
      >> It was not designed to drive a speaker, so the criticism that it will
      >> not really isn't justified. If it could, there would be lawsuits from
      >> people driving the earphone to levels that would damage their hearing.
      >> Joe M.
      >> fhgdel wrote:
      >>> Only thing i would ding it on is the output of the headphone jack audio...It's lower and really won't drive an extension speaker.
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