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Re: [BCD396XT] Two questions

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  • Uniden UPMan
    That s three questions, but I ll cut you some slack for the bad math, this time (since your spelling was impeccable). ;) 1. Really depends on how it was
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2010
      That's three questions, but I'll cut you some slack for the bad math, this time (since your spelling was impeccable). ;)

      1. Really depends on how it was programmed. TRS's don't go into channels, they go into systems, which contain the site frequencies and the channel groups/channels. If they assigned an SQK (System/Site Quick Key) to the two systems, then you would use those to individually turn the systems on and off. So, for example, if Gibraltar is assigned to SQK 1 and Downriver is assigned to SQK 2, you'd press 1 while scanning to toggle Gibraltar on and off and 2 to toggle Downriver on and off. In the next-to-bottom row on the display, there is a line that might look like:

      S0: 12--------

      If so, then that is how the systems were set up. Otherwise, it just depends.

      2. You need to use software to change that information. Available software is:
      Freescan (www.scannow.org)
      Proscan (www.proscan.org)
      ARC-XT (www.butel.nl)
      Scancat (www.scancat.com)

      Software would also let you quickly make changes to the programming (like adding SQKs if none are assigned). You'd read out the scanner's programming, make whatever modifications, then write it back. With a premium membership to RadioReference.com, you could also directly import radio system information into the software (saves a bunch of typing).

      3. Bonus answer for the bonus question: There is a printable version of the web site at: http://info.uniden.com/twiki/bin/view/UnidenMan4/SiteExport
      There is also a printable Complete Reference Guide for the scanner at: http://info.uniden.com/twiki/pub/UnidenMan4/BCD396XT/BCD396XT_Complete_Reference.pdf

      From: Patrick M. Valentine <patrickvalentine@...>
      To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, February 1, 2010 7:50:56 AM
      Subject: [BCD396XT] Two questions

      1. I have the BCD396XT, it was pre-programmed at the place I purchased it from. Channel 1 is the Gibraltar TRS and Channel 2 is the Downriver TRS. How do I turn on and off Channel 2 so that I can listen some times, but normally will be listening to Channel 1.

      2. The scanner was pre-programmed with some personal information that I either gave to them incorrectly or they entered it wrong. When I turn on the scanner this information appears in the window. How can I correct this information?

      3. I'm not familiar at all with scanners. I have looked at the CD that came with it, as well as the web site. All I want is an Owners Manual with all the basic information that I can print and read so that I can be familiar with the scanner. I find the CD and the web too difficult for me to understand. Any solution?


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