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Re: ProScan 4.0 Is here

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  • RandyU
    Another great release. Thanks for all the effort Bob...
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 18, 2009
      Another great release. Thanks for all the effort Bob...

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "bob_proscan" <bob@...> wrote:
      > The biggest improvement besides the BCD996XT / BCT15X support is the increased speed of starting ProScan loading the logging and recordings data. 15 times faster loading.
      > ProScan features includes:
      > Programmer and Database - Imports from the RadioReference Web Service (Online and CD).
      > Extensive History logging
      > Remote Control Scanner Over IP
      > Web Server - Listeners using a web browser can listen directly to your ProScan server
      > ScanCast - Streams audio to RadioReference / Icecast / ShoutCast servers
      > Full featured Audio Recorder
      > Band Scope (Spectrum Analyzer)
      > Control Channel Data Monitoring for the XT Scanner Series
      > Session Manager for managing many instances of ProScan on the same computer
      > ProScan supports the BCD996XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, BC346T, BCD996T, BCD396T, BCT15, BR330T, BC796D, BC785D, BC780XLT, BC296D, and the BC250D Scanners.
      > Version 4.0.0
      > Added - BCD996XT and BCT15X support
      > Added - RadioReference - Band Plans added at the site level
      > Added - RadioReference - Locations added at the site level
      > Added - Logging grids (History, Frequency / TGID, and Recordings) adjustable column width saves to the configuration file
      > Added - Database (DMA type) - Sort button second click sorts in descending order
      > Changed - Logging grids data - Fast loading during program start
      > Fixed - RadioReference - P25 systems imported wrong system type if the rebanding flag is detected
      > Fixed - Sound devices disabling and enabling can cause wrong sound device selected in ProScan
      > __________________
      > Bob
      > Taking Computer Aided Scanning to the next level!
      > http://www.proscan.org
      > bob@...
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