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Re: [BCD396XT] I.D. Search in Scan Mode

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    Threaded... ... The set mode is the default. Changing the mode on the fly changes that setting. ... Each system is independent. You can have X Systems in ID
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 11, 2009

      mikkut wrote:
      > What a fantastic group, a tremendous resource! I'm very close to purchasing the 396XT and I would like to confirm a couple of things with folks who already have one:
      > 1 - I see that when programming trunk systems, they can be set for either I.D scan or I.D. search at the system level. If I have a system set to I.D. search, will it stay in I.D. search when the scanner is in scan mode (http://info.uniden.com/twiki/bin/view/UnidenMan4/AvailableOperationModes?sortcol=table;up=#Scan_mode) or does being in scan mode override the system I.D. search setting?

      The set mode is the default. Changing the mode 'on the fly' changes that

      > 2 – If the system I.D. search setting is independent of scan mode, can different trunk systems that are simultaneously enabled have different I.D search and I.D scan system settings from each other (similar the open/close setting for banks in the PRO96) or does one override the other?

      Each system is independent. You can have X Systems in ID SCAN, and Y
      other Systems in ID SEARCH.

      > 3 – When a system is set to I.D. search and is receiving a transmission on a TG that has a text tag programmed in that system, will the text tag display or just the TG number?

      If the TGID is programmed in memory with a text tag, it will show the tag.

      > 4 – Will enabling/disabling systems using SQKs work the same regardless of whether or not the scanner happens to be on a trunk system set to I.D search at the time the SQK is pressed?

      SQKs are completely independent of the mode. It doesn't change the mode
      and systems set either way can use the SQK. When re-enabled, the mode
      will be the same as when it was disabled (unless you change it via the
      menu in the mean time).

      Joe M.
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