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Re: [BCD396XT] Flashing Hold that manual

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  • omlbed@aol.com
    I see this as positive and necessary because the Uniden online manual can be updated with each firmware update. That way I m always looking at up to date
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      I see this as positive and necessary because the Uniden online manual can
      be updated with each firmware update. That way I'm always looking at up to
      date information. And the firmware updates are free. I'll take those two
      positives over the "loss" of a paper manual.

      My $.02



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      robinson4724@... writes:

      I think it is all about saving money under the disguise of helping to save
      the worlds trees. Is the reason there is no software for the XT a move to
      the "Green" rational? Twist it however you like Joe, Uniden in my opinion
      chose no manual and no software, to add a few bucks to there bank account.

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      Paul cited the link to the manual.

      No, paper manuals are being left out of many items these days. Is it
      petty? Maybe. Most people use the PC term for it: Going Green.

      Uniden is likely getting tax breaks for anything they do that will
      further the cause of those promoting the 'Green' agenda. Or, maybe they
      are just doing it to do their part in the agenda.

      You can always do what others have done - take the file to your local
      Kinkos or equal and have them print you out a nice bound hard copy.

      Personally, I read the online info and have one less manual laying in a
      drawer that will eventually get burned with the trash (I know - not very
      Green on my part). Of course, by me not having to burn a manual, I guess
      I too am part of the agenda. :-)

      I'm not one to protest places that are not Going Green, but I'm
      certainly not going to protest doing it, either. The info is still
      available even though it's not on paper from the factory.

      Being in Canada, you should appreciate the effort to save your vast
      pristine frontiers. :-)

      Joe M.

      VE3EUK wrote:
      > I really wish Uniden had put a manual in with this scanner. I hope it's
      > not their new policy..... I would gladly pay for a manual like the one I

      > got with my other 7 scanners. Seems kinda petty to me.


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