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Re: [BCD396XT] Re: PRO-106 vs. 396XT

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  • Don.Curtis@att.net
    And you think those won t be encrypted? Besides which, analog cellular still exists, it s just not mandatory anymore. ... I d personally want the scanner to be
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      And you think those won't be encrypted?

      Besides which, analog cellular still exists, it's just not mandatory anymore.

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      I'd personally want the scanner to be a cross between the BCD396XT, The AOR 8200 MK3 and the ICOM R-9500 (ICOM's super receiver at $15000.00). Since there is no more analog cell service in the US why doesn't the FCC and Federal Gov't just cross that law off the books and let full specturm scanners be sold. The cell range blocked is probably worthless to monitor now.

      Personally I'd bet the reason is that there is surveillance/bugging equipment in that frequency range. The Gov't agencies know it can't be monitored by a large majority of US scanner owners.

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      Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Re: PRO-106 vs. 396XT
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      Actually Uniden has a wide band trunk tracker on the market.
      It hasn't been updated with the features and memory of the BC396xt. But it could. Are you listening Uniden. Of course you are.

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      This may sound corny but I'd like to see a fusion between the Uniden 396XT and the ICOM IC-R20. Trunk Tracker, Wide Band receiver with 25000 dynamic channels, built-in audio recording, etc., etc. with great sensitivity on all bands. Of course, I'd have to have the Canadian version of this scanner with no blocks on it!


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      > Hi Guys,
      > I have to agree with some of the posts, The XT is struggling with APCO 25 systems in Albany, NY. On the converse of that, I originally bought the PRO - 106 and Man is that not a great radio for digital systems!!! Great audio and sensitivity ON DIGITAL. When I tried to listen to local Airband Comm it was deaf, VHF HI is really impaired so I promptly returned it. The XT on the other hand has amazing capability with the airband.
      > Is it possible that we can't have both? I'd hate to think we have to spend a grand to bring it all together...but maybe that is the reality. My hope is that future firmware will address the issue.
      > -SJE

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