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RE: [BCD396XT] really

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  • Joe Polcari
    You know what - I don t care if I can t hear personal details (MDT use) or the numerous traffic stops, I m in it for the chases.... ... From:
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 23, 2009
      You know what - I don't care if I can't hear personal details (MDT use) or
      the numerous traffic stops,
      I'm in it for the chases....

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      Let's not discount the use of MDT's in the patrol cars for (private)
      messages that we cannot see. Some municipalities here in NJ also use Nextel
      for their private chats. It is dissappointing to find out as some towns
      switch over, ie Edison, NJ, Franklin NJ to pd encryption modes, they have
      keep their fire departments in the clear. I agree that the expense of an
      encrypted switch, especially with towns that are happy with their existing
      systems may delay it long enough for us scanner listeners. Right now we have
      plenty of sites to monitor and usually during large scale events, intercity
      systems can usually tip off what is happening.

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      1.  With respect to the arguments that the XT really doesn't improve things,
      I think there's a huge number of owners who feel otherwise.

      2.  With respect to encryption, yes, there is a loss at the margins but I
      think Peter has called that ball correctly.

      3.  In my opinion and experience, the FAR greater "threat" to scanning is
      not the continual change of technology that makes my older scanners
      obsolete, and it's not the creeping use of encryption* that my scanners will
      never decode, but the use of cellphones.  How many times do you hear "call
      the Sgt. on his cell" or things like that?  My answer: very, very

      * One thing I've seen is that, at least here in New England, local agencies
      (and much of public safety is done at the town/city level) that go encrypted
      soon discover that there is a big disadvantage in terms of their ability
      (and need) to operate with other agencies, so they often (but not always) go
      back to txing in the clear.  Even state police in this region have gone back
      to more use of clear tx because of their interoperability needs with local


      John Newell

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