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9240Re: Distorted Reception at Times

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  • richaja1958
    Aug 16, 2014

      It is Winnebago County; Oshkosh WI  P25.  They put a lot of effort into setting the system up here to ensure there would be no "dead spots" in the county.  I live within a mile of a 200 foot tower which is one used by Winnebago County for their communications system.  I sometimes get this garbled reception when I have the scanner at other locations as well.  I have Fond du Lac County programmed in as well.  FDL county is south of Winnebago County and has a mix of analog and digital now.  I do not get the garbled digital reception from FDL.  It is never garbled when I am listening to an analog transmission.  I think I will try to figure out how to turn on the antenuator as suggested and see if that solves my problem.

      I really do appreciate all of your responses and suggestions. 

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