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9099RE: [BCD396XT] How do I program BCD396XT scanner?

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  • Michael D Earls
    Jul 15, 2014

      I am a paid subscriber.

      While I don't own a 396, I do have a PRO-106.


      Mike Earls


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      On 16/07/2014 11:28 AM, 'Michael D Earls' mikeearls@... [BCD396XT] wrote:

      I don't own a 396XT, but I've done a couple of data files just for brain exercise.

      I still have FreeScan installed and would be glad to take a stab at it.

      I also found a paid subscription to radioreference.com is very useful, as the ability to import directly from the radioreference.com database takes even more of the drudgery out of programming the scanner.  The cost is quite inexpensive.  Use it once and you've got your money's worth.

      73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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