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9046RE: [BCD396XT] SD Sheriff

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  • Earl
    Jun 16, 2014
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      There have been many times where Encinitas has been patched to Poway and
      Rural. If you using the 396xt it should be following the patches, but you
      have the 396t that does not follow the patches and you would have to have
      everything programmed in. I have recently been listening to all the SO
      dispatches and have had no problem monitoring any of them.

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      On 6/14/2014 9:04 PM, Eric Knippert knip@... [BCD396XT] wrote:
      > Does anybody out there scan the San Diego County Sheriff frequencies on
      > the SD County RCS system? I have for many years, mainly scanning the
      > Encinitas Dispatch (34000), Vista Dispatch (35040) and San Marcos
      > Dispatch (34672) groups. After a month or two of being away from my
      > scanner, I return to find only the San Marcos Dispatch still active,
      > and no activity from Coastal (2x) or Vista/Fallbrook (3x) patrol units.
      > Just alot of San Marcos/Inland (9x) units. What happened? RR shows no
      > changes to the SD County RCS TGs or control frequencies. HELP!

      I meant to send a message Sunday morning, but being Father's
      Day, had a bunch of running around and visit's to make! :)

      I monitor the total opposite of you because I'm in El Cajon, so
      I'm listening to East and South County SDSO stuff.

      But, I did go on my walk first thing Sunday morning, and around
      6:30am, a dispatcher came up on LAW CC and stated that all
      systems are up, restored, and running.

      Maybe you could double check and see if you everything at your
      end is up and running again.

      -Greg :)

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