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9045Re: [BCD396XT] SD Sheriff

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  • Eric Knippert
    Jun 16, 2014
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      On 6/16/2014 6:14 PM, Greg Blanchard greg.blanchard@... [BCD396XT] wrote:
      > On 6/14/2014 9:04 PM, Eric Knippert knip@... [BCD396XT] wrote:
      >> Does anybody out there scan the San Diego County Sheriff frequencies on
      >> the SD County RCS system? I have for many years, mainly scanning the
      >> Encinitas Dispatch (34000), Vista Dispatch (35040) and San Marcos
      >> Dispatch (34672) groups. After a month or two of being away from my
      >> scanner, I return to find only the San Marcos Dispatch still active,
      >> and no activity from Coastal (2x) or Vista/Fallbrook (3x) patrol units.
      >> Just alot of San Marcos/Inland (9x) units. What happened? RR shows no
      >> changes to the SD County RCS TGs or control frequencies. HELP!
      > Eric-
      > I meant to send a message Sunday morning, but being Father's
      > Day, had a bunch of running around and visit's to make! :)
      > I monitor the total opposite of you because I'm in El Cajon, so
      > I'm listening to East and South County SDSO stuff.
      > But, I did go on my walk first thing Sunday morning, and around
      > 6:30am, a dispatcher came up on LAW CC and stated that all
      > systems are up, restored, and running.
      > Maybe you could double check and see if you everything at your
      > end is up and running again.

      Hmm...I'll check tomorrow (Tuesday), but I'm not optimistic. Thanks
      for the reply.
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