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8719RE: External speaker

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  • kbarnsda
    Jan 2, 2014
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      What I did was go to Radio Shack and buy a cassette adapter.  In case you have not seen one before, it is an old time cassette with a cord stuck in it that has a plug on the end.  You put this in your car's cassette player and then plug in your scanner.   This is of course assuming you have a car with a cassette player still.

      My suv has both a cd player and an old time cassette player.  

      Perhaps you car has an input for an MP3 player?  My older car had this and I would just use a male/male cord to plug into the car.

      This would annoy the daylights out of my wife so I can only use on trips with my daughters as they don't mind.

      You do get extremely good reception and one of the things I especially do like about the 396XT is that it does not have annoying background noise, popps and hisses like all my other scanners did,

      You can also go to Amazon and search for powered speakers.  They do work but I got tired of the battery issue.   

      Hope this helps,,, CHeers

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