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8712Re: [BCD396XT] External speaker

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  • Mike
    Jan 1, 2014
      You are probably right regarding any "official" answer from Uniden,
      Joe. Dang lawyers! One use I had for shorting out the attenuation was
      using a lapel speaker clipped to my shirt collar at outdoor
      convention-type events. With outdoor noise, etc. I couldn't get enough
      audio out of the earphone jack for this lapel speaker. Shorting to the
      antenna ground worked great, and I could swing the wire out of the way
      when plugging in an earphone. It also allowed the use of an amplified
      speaker while keeping the volume control turned down to half of what
      would be needed without the short, thus saving battery.

      Personally, I think this hearing damage claim is for the most part
      bogus, but certainly someone somewhere sued some manufacturer over it,
      thus the attenuation we live with today. You'd have to listen long and
      loud to do any permanent damage. My main concern is the rumors that
      doing this over time can damage something internally on the Unidens.
      Doesn't seem to be any consensus on this, even on RR.


      On 1/1/2014 4:46 PM, MCH wrote:
      > Good point. I usually associate amplified speakers with mobile use, and
      > I replied accordingly, but for home use amplified PC speakers are a
      > great source of cheap speakers that would work well. If you can get some
      > with equalizers built in, all the better (base/treble control).
      > I doubt Paul would be able to endorse grounding the speaker shield, as
      > it could imply a "fitness for use" condition that Uniden likely would
      > not want to convey. That said, I see no use for such shorting since
      > amplified speakers work well, and even with the shorting strap you would
      > not have enough power to drive an un-amplified speaker (in most cases).
      > Besides, it would create issues if you want to use an earphone and
      > accidentally turned up the volume - resulting in hearing damage. It's
      > really not worth the risk in my opinion.
      > Joe M.
      > Rich Carlson wrote:
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