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87Re: Volume Offset

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  • kb1nvi
    Nov 1, 2008
      I guess my question for Paul etc is that it doesn't seem like I run
      into the volume issue when using a commercial radio presumably
      because they are able to uncompress the compressed audio. So what is
      it the prevents Uniden etc from doing the same thing? Is it a cost

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, Don.Curtis@... wrote:
      > AGC is NOT AVC
      > Audio AGC, while it attempts to adjust for varying levels of audio,
      by it's very nature, can't flatten everything out so it is all the
      same level. Besides getting pumping, you'll also get horrendous
      bursts of static as it pumps up the volume on quiet transmissions and
      shuts it down on louder transmissions.
      > It can only analyze and adjust for averages....consider what would
      happen if every pause between words was detected as a 'quiet' audio
      portion and the volume was turned up...then 1/2 a second later, when
      the next word starts.....the detection was "loud" audio and turned
      the volume down.
      > It's the nature of the beast....some sounds, systems, individual
      radios will be louder or softer than others. Audio AGC (or AVC if a
      true AVC circuit is in there) does the best it can, but it's based on
      averages, not instants in time.
      > -------------- Original message from "bigfella237"
      <bigfella237@...>: --------------
      > I can't speak for the other receivers but I have tried with
      > AGC both on and off on my 396T and 996T's and it seems to make very
      > little (if any) difference to those dispatchers and their droopy
      > Mic's? You crank up the volume so you can hear them and the next
      > unit that TX's blows out your eardrums!
      > --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "kb1nvi" <kb1nvi@> wrote:
      > >
      > > While vulome offset will certainly be a useful feature, it
      > seem
      > > like it would help with the problem of analog systems with radios
      > using
      > > audio compression. The Radio Reference Wiki states that the the
      > 346XT,
      > > 996T, 396T, and 396XT all have ANALOG AGC. Is this correct? If
      > > does this fix the problem of low audio even with the volume
      > way
      > > up on analog systems using audio compression? This has become a
      > > problem in my area so if the Analog AGC mentioned in the RR Wiki
      > not
      > > correct, is there any solution on the horizon?
      > >
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