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8664What to do with my BCD396XT when I get a BCK436HP

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  • kbarnsda
    Dec 24, 2013
      I am in a little of a quandary.  I have bled, like many folks, on my learning curve for the 396XT.  I do not, however, wish to toss it. 

       I generally, in life, would reduce the price of it to $200 bucks and just move on and lick my wounds.  

      In the case of the 396XT, I hate to do it.  Trust me , it is not for the bucks.  It is just that the radio is such a treasure trove of unexplored uses.   I am thinking of dedicating the 396 XT to many, specific, alternate uses.  I am asking via this post for ideas.

      One of the things that I have noticed is that new users to the radio, including myself, were totally overwhelmed at first.   I still am quite honestly.  I live with the manual on my IPOD to refer to.  

      What I want to try and put together is a series of cheat sheets of VERY EASY to use cheat sheets that even a novice could use.

      Here is an example:

      Scenario: I  have a conventional system called air.  I have several frequencies but assume there are more.   I want to store them automatically in the Air system group.  I also want the scanner to compare to the frequencies already found and if there, not to duplicate them.

      Scenario: I want to easily search a pre programmed range of frequencies  (3) and have them available to easily switch between.  I am going on a trip and want to listen to CB, Ham, and FRS but do not want to tie up my main scanner with crap.

      Scenario: I want to easily re assign my 3 pre-programmed ranges in the scenario above.  How do I do this?


      In  the last scenario the cheat sheet would say:

      1) press MENU

      2) Press Search For

      3) Press Set Search Key

      4) Select the Key then Select the Service you want


      Bottom line, I would use the scanner for certain specific uses as a dedicated machine. 

      Question... What would be a good way to organize this? and suggested uses?

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