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8634Re: Wanted - Battery Covers

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  • n1chu
    Dec 18, 2013
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      I have heard of amateur radio (hams) people experimenting with Lithium-Polymer batteries. I was never able to learn what results were gleaned other than a comment that they were able to get a couple of weeks of operation on a hand-held transceiver before needing to recharge. These Li-Po cells are 7 volts per cell and can be shaped to fit different housings. The RC community uses them in their model airplanes and position them in such a fashion which helps when setting up the weight and balance of the airplane. The cells are also lighter in weight. The only downside I have learned is the cells must be recharged in such a fashion as to charge all cells equally, requiring a specific type of charger that "reads" the cells as they charge. If not charged correctly there is a fire and explosion hazard-obviously any battery pack should be charged outside of whatever it powers and I'd go the extra mile, using a metal ammo box (or like containment) to encase the battery in case it does blow and do it outside away from people or property. Any info on these applications where they power scanners or hand-helds would be appreciated.

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