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8630Re: [BCD396XT] Wanted - Battery Covers

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  • n1crz
    Dec 17, 2013


           You are of course correct !!!   I believe the side jack says 6v (800 ma).  I guess
      I got into the idea because I have a different radio (without a jack at all).  In that
      case they provide NiCad battery packs and an empty AA with springs that
      I modified.  I will have to see if the 6v side jack will run from USB power, unless
      someone has already done this.

            I had two goals:

      1) Fixed operation with the audio tied into the computer.  I wanted to record our
      communications for review later (both emergency and not).  I use a program
      called "scanner recorder".  It has a very nice vox feature with a buffer such that
      it can go back something like a 1 second once it realizes you are above the
      audio threshold, so you don't miss the beginning . 

      In this case I didn't want the marine battery there as any
      re-charging would give off (Hydrogen) I believe ??  (ie indoor application) and
      moving the batteries every time to charge them is difficult because of their weight.

      2) I wanted something for the field, belt or jacket pocket wearable.  Something
      with a curly cord so I can un-clip the radio and change display / modes.  I have
      used a 7ah hobby sealed led acid before (its a bit bulky and you almost need
      2...one on each side else the weight gets a little lop sided and nagging).

      The C or D cell solution also means I can either use rechargeable or
      pop into a store if needed and get Alkaline batteries and I am back up and


      The belt pack I am making will likely run at least 3-4 radios. 

          - Aviation    Talk to Helicopters and other aircraft.

          - Ham         Communications with Operations Center (EOC)

          - Scanner    FD is analog & PD is digital P25. (BCD396XT)

          - FRS         Unlicensed people running shelter(s).

      Thanks -- (BTW) Priceless.


      ---In BCD396XT@{{emailDomain}}, <mch@...> wrote:

      If you really want a solution for any case, consider making a solution
      that uses the side power port so you can replace your scanner with any
      other of similar design for backup purposes.

      If longevity is a prime concern, you could use a deep cycle marine
      battery with a cigar lighter jack that could use a standard cigar
      lighter cord/adapter for the scanner that could be used in a car or with
      any similar scanner. The battery could also be used with any other 12V
      device that uses a cigar lighter plug. You could also use a standard
      1-to-3 jack adapter to power other devices.

      A key to emergency interops is *not* using custom parts.

      Just my 37 cents (adjusted for inflation).

      Joe M.

      rci@... wrote:
      > I am looking for a some BCD396XT battery covers. If your radio is not
      > functioning and won't be repaired, I wonder if you would donate the
      > battery cover to my project. It is my intent to make few different
      > designs. I volunteer for Emergency Managment and would like options
      > for powering the radio.
      > 1) Connect a cord through the cover, with inside leads going to the +
      > and - battery springs, the other end of the cord to some C or D sized
      > battery holders with a belt clip on them. My point is that the AA's run
      > down too fast.
      > 2) Install a USB plug on the back such that I can run the scanner off
      > the computer especially when using my VOX recording software.
      > Additionally I have a USB 16,000 mah battery that provides USB power.
      > This should run the radio for a very long time. It is my hope the
      > radio will accept the 5v. (see #3)
      > 3) Like above I would also like to make a cover that has a cord or e
      > mbed some anderson power poles. I may have to use a small circuit to
      > with a voltage regulator so the radio can be run with emergency power (12V)
      > Thank You
      > /Jim /N1CRZ
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