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8606New guy with a new BCD396XT

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  • jon a
    Nov 27, 2013
      I picked up a new BCD396XT last week and so far am finding it to be a nice piece of equipment. I am using Freescan and RadioReference to do my programming. However, it has a behavior that is really annoying and makes the scanner almost useless, and I can't figure it out.

      When I load in pre-programmed content via RadioReference/Freescan, the scanner accepts the content, and I can scan away. However, if the scanner stops on any frequency due to traffic, it will stay on that frequency only about 4 seconds before it starts scanning again. This is even if the transmissions are longer than 4 seconds. If I wipe the scanner and program it by hand (let's say the local NOAA WX channel or airport ATIS) it will scan and stop forever since those tranmissions are continuous.

      I know about the -hold function (hold for only a preprogammed length of time no matter the channel activity) but that's not activated. The RR / Freescan combination appears to be introducing something that causes this to happen.

      Any constructive suggestions?

      Cheers - Jon N7UV
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