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8437Re: [BCD396XT] question

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  • William Edwards
    Oct 22 7:10 AM

      Here is what solved the connection problem for me.  The ARC software and programming cable wanted the same physical USB port to be used every time to connect to the radio, and wanted to call that port by the same number every time (e.g., "COM 4").

      The whole setup became unhappy if I used that same physical USB port to, for example, plug in a camera to download pictures.

      This would sometimes require a computer restart to flush out the assignment of that port to the camera and free it up for assignment to the scanner  programming cable.  If you re-booted into Safe Mode with minimal drivers I wonder if that would eliminate port conflicts and enable a test connection.

      Bill E.

      On Oct 22, 2013 8:36 AM, "Jim Mehl" <mehl@...> wrote:

      Thanks for all the suggestions, but no success so far. I double
      checked my port and baudrate settings, since there is a lot of
      room for mistakes there. Port must be set in 2 places (Windows
      Device Manager and ARC XT software). Baudrate must be set
      in 3 places (Windows Device Manager, ARC XT software, and
      scanner). Also ARC XT seems to like to change the baudrate
      default to 57,600.
      I apparently have the latest driver for the chip in my USB-1 cable
      from Prolific itself.
      Switching to FreeScan or other software is going to be a last
      ditch option, since I’ve already paid for the ARC XT software.
      I have the Windows 8 upgrade DVD sitting on a shelf and have
      been meaning to do that. But I had hoped to get the scanner
      working before I dealt with a Windows version change.
      From: Jim Mehl

      I have a new BCD396XT. The firmware is V1.11.01. I have installed
      ARC XT PRO software, V1.9-Build 2 on Windows 7. I am trying to
      get them to talk to each other. I am using the Uniden USB-1 cable.
      I have installed the PL-2303 driver software and rebooted. Windows
      recognizes the driver. The CheckChip tool tells me I have chip
      PL2303HXD which is supposed to work on Windows 7 (and 8).
      However the ARC software tells me it cannot detect my scanner.
      I have tried baudrates of both 57,600 and 115,200.
      Any suggestions?
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