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8365Re: BCD 396XT No longer hears New York State Electric & Gas

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  • N1chu
    Sep 24, 2013
      Sounds like you are on the right track. The soldered antenna connections should be inspected, but AFTER you have tried another portable antenna you know is good. No sense going to all the work of opening up the radio if not necessary. I have experienced this same problem but not on the 396XT. Worse comes to worse and you have to send it in, the repair price is not bad. They fix just about anything for a flat fee. All you have to do is resign yourself to the fact it will take a month or two turn around time. (I just got my HP1 back after a month and a half-had them put on a new front cover and straighten out the antenna connector plus check the radio as I didn't like the weaker reception when compared to the 396XT, thought there was something wrong. I suspect they did a re-alignment and set the selectivity differently than when new. Now I get a squeal on strong local stations sometimes. Haven't tried the antenuater yet... If fear if I turn it on it will attenuate all channels. I'm going to wait until UNIDEN comes out with a newer version of the HP1 before I send the current one in again.

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