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8364Re: [BCD396XT] BCD 396XT No longer hears New York State Electric & Gas

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  • MCH
    Sep 23, 2013
      Unless the outside antenna is providing enough
      signal strength to overcome a damaged front end.

      I would start by testing the sensitivity
      if a signal generator is available.

      Also check the pin on the antenna (just in case).

      Joe M.

      Robert Marshall wrote:
      > If your outside antenna works fine then you should be looking at the
      > antenna on the unit, since both signals went thru the same SMA
      > connector. Maybe you could borrow one to check it out before tearing
      > into your radio.
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > *From:* Robert Arenella <rja12@...>
      > *To:* BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      > *Sent:* Monday, September 23, 2013 9:20 AM
      > *Subject:* [BCD396XT] BCD 396XT No longer hears New York State Electric
      > & Gas
      > Posted this to RR forum, but would like more opinions. I recently
      > noticed that my 396XT no longer hears New York State Electric & Gas
      > (NYSEG). I see 3 or 4 bars on the signal strength indicator, so it is
      > hearing the CC's. No problem hearing them on my HP-1, 996T or my PSR800.
      > Two or three weeks ago, I noticed that the SMA connector was a bit
      > loose. I have the proper tool for those nuts and snugged it up. Using
      > ARC XT, I deleted the system, then imported it from Radio Reference.
      > Still no joy. As per the suggestion from a RR member, I downloaded
      > Freescan and tried again, without success.
      > I finally decided to try my outdoor antenna. It's an Austin Ferret
      > fed with LMR400UF into a Stridesburg Multi Coupler. VOILA!! now it was
      > hearing NYSEG as it always did. Then I remembered the loose SMA connector.
      > I opened up the scanner to take a look. With good lighting and
      > plenty of magnification, I still couldn't see much, but didn't see
      > anything obvious at the connector. I'm going to remove the SMA nut and
      > that should let me separate the smaller PCB board from the larger one,
      > and provide a clear view of the SMA connector and what it's connected
      > to. Hopefully an easy fix and I can avoid a round trip to Texas. Sure
      > hope it's not a cooked FET in the front end.
      > Anyone ever experience a problem like this with a 396XT?
      > Thanks,
      > Bob Arenella
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