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  • Bill
    Sep 9, 2013
      Maine has a Sheriff's Dept. listed under York County that uses VHF High Band frequencies. It appears to be a conventional system with possibly one exception... One of the frequencies listed uses a NAC type of PL. My question is does this frequency need to be programmed as a single channel trunked system? Or do I just plug in the NAC code under the column provided in my Butel ARCXT PRO software under a conventional system along with the rest of the conventional frequencies? I do not live in the area, only visiting a couple of times a year and won't be back until next summer. I just like to have my 396XT programmed before I leave home instead of waiting until I arrive. I then either verify that RADIOREFERENCE data is good, (provided I didn't make a programming mistake) or its in need of a correction notification consideration. But my question is general in nature... The fact that the software allows for a seperate heading for NAC, instead of grouping it in with the CTCSS and Digital Codes causes the concern. For some reason NAC is not treated in the same fashion.

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