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8303Re: [BCD396XT] best software for programming

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  • Mike
    Sep 7, 2013
      Only you can make that determination.  ARC XT-Pro has a 30-day free trial, so give them both a whirl and see if the features or ease of use are worth it to you.  I originally had issues with Freescan displaying properly on my laptop which turned out to be my DPI setting for my display.  Not knowing what the problem was and needing something in a hurry, I spent the $$ for ARC XT Pro and I do like it very much.  If Freescan had worked properly on my laptop from the git-go, I probably would have stuck with it instead of spending that much money.


      On 9/7/2013 12:20 AM, Ben Work wrote:
      Can someone tell me if it is really worth the extra $ over freescan?

      Also as a new BCD396XT user, I am having trouble decoding a lot of digital transmissions. For example, Westfield shopping centres in Melbourne Australia I can't seem to decode. Maybe they have a high level of security on their radios. 



      On 07/09/2013, at 12:26 PM, Mike <pyro68@...> wrote:


      Same here.  Pricey, but a great program.


      On 9/6/2013 1:19 PM, Clark Rennie wrote:
      I also prefer and use ARC XT Pro, from here.


      At 10:16 AM 9/6/2013, you wrote:

      I used ARC basic with my 296 and was quite happy so I went with ARC xt for my 396 am so far I'm not disappointed

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      On Sep 5, 2013, at 7:05 PM, <crosson1@... > wrote:

      I have just ordered my BCD396xt and hope to have it Saturday. I figure it will be easier to program with software rather than the unit... ??? If there is a good free software that makes it easy please let me know. If not I will study the entries here on how to program them.

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