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8274Re: [BCD396XT] RE: cellular carriers are not ready to replace public safety radio

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  • Bob Burns W9BU
    Aug 30, 2013
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      At 02:37 PM 8/28/2013, John Stark wrote:

      >Mayor Ballard combined the police and sheriffs departments to save
      >$$ and it ended up costing millions more.

      John, my personal opinion is that political discussions have no place
      in a forum dedicated to a particular model of scanner.

      My opinions aside, your arguments would carry more weight if they
      were factual. The Indianapolis Police Department and Marion County
      Sheriff Department merger was approved by the City-County Council in
      2005 and occurred on January 1, 2007. Bart Peterson was Mayor then.

      Greg Ballard became Mayor on January 1, 2008.

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