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8246Re: [BCD396XT] paul, i admit defeat ...

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  • MCH
    Aug 24, 2013
      Keep in mind that this "basic function" was non-existent until the DMA
      scanners in the Uniden world. Scanners traditionally had no VFO (which
      is the basic function I believe you are talking about). In fact, no
      commercial radio has this "basic function" either. Pretty much only ham
      radios have had it. And I understand your view coming from the ham
      world, but what is basic to hams is not basic to anyone else.

      So, they ADDED the "VFO" feature, but how? Well, you can't hit
      FREQ-ENTER because that enters a frequency. That leaves the following
      keys: MENU, FUNC, SCAN, L/O, and HOLD. Of those which is the most
      logical? You want to HOLD on a single frequency, so it's FREQ-HOLD.
      And BTW MENU is used for the Number Tag keys and SCAN scans and L/O
      clears, so there weren't many options available.

      I don't see how it could have been made more simple without adding
      another button just for that feature.

      But again, be thankful the scanner has that feature at all, as it was
      not historically a common scanner feature.

      Joe M.

      Guy Teague wrote:
      > well, the bottom line here is that, for a short period of time, i needed my
      > radio to perform the single basic function that even the most basic radio
      > is designed to do--receive a single frequency.
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