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8166Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Brain Hurting.. Have 396XT. Need Help with Software

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  • KenBarnsda
    Aug 1, 2013
      That is the exact reason I bought the 396XT.   I am tired of being on the bleeding edge of new products.  It seemed that there were enough people out there with the 396XT that I should have programs and help if I needed it.. which I did.

      The suggestion of the "FreeScan" program by this forum was really helpful.
      This is essentially my first day programming it and I have it more operationally useful than my HomePatrol which can be programmed in less than 5 seconds.  I also liked the size.  

      My only  problem was paying $450ish from Amazon as I am sure it will fall down to $350 once another model comes out.  This may be my favorite scanner of all time and I have only had a day to dink with it.  It has a good feel and seems bug free.

      I have an old laptop running Windows7 and the $35 cable from Uniden worked like a snap.  I chose to go that route as there were complaints about trying to cobble one together with the enclosed serial cable...



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      I would like to buy a 396XT but it has been on the market for awhile and IM afraid I will buy it and a new radio will be released buy Uniden soon.

      Does the Group know of any plans to discontinue the 396XT and bring a new model to market?

      I understand they released a new firmware update for the 396XT a few months ago.

      If I buy a unit now, will it have that update in it?

      Best Regards

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