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8157P25 Issue

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  • Jeffry Rehm
    Jul 29, 2013
      I have an odd issue with my xt that I think should be shared. In the past two weeks or so I have had two P25 trunking systems, or part of the systems, stop working. This will be tricky to explain.

      One of the systems is a 700/800 system that would appear to scan correctly (signal bar showing five bars for the control channel) but would not decode the system ID or site number. There has been no changes to any of the frequencies for the system. After many attempts to check settings I deleted then reprogrammed the system and immediately began hearing the system normally again. Everything works fine.

      The other system is a multisite 98% VHF hi band system. Right now no 700/800 MHz freqs/sites are being used on the system so I don't have them programmed in yet. This system also just seemed to stop working. However in this one it was decoding the system ID and site number but would not show or stop on any talkgroups. So the end result with this system was the same. Not stopping on any voice channels. BUT in this case I did not reprogram the whole system. I deleted and reprogrammed the "site" that I knew was causing the perceived problem. It too began working perfectly.

      I program 100% by hand from the keypad. I do not have the latest firmware because I do not use computer for programming and online connections. And the last time I sent my unit in for repair at Uniden they did not update my firmware as I asked (though they have in the past) but don't get me started there, sorry.

      Does anyone have an idea what is going on with this issue I am having? Is this happening to anyone else out there? Hope this isn't the beginning of continued problems for me in the future.

      Thank you.

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