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8135RE: [BCD396XT] New YahooGroups for the newer Uniden Scanner Models

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  • Beauregard Waller
    Jul 9, 2013
      Then why have computers required serial drivers for their serial devices? Maybe dedicated hardware do not need drivers, maybe, since they are dedicated to one task, they have the equivalence of drivers designed into their hardware. Whereas programmable devices would lose flexibility by having the drivers hardwired so they are supplied by software. A computer needs drivers to translate to/from the serial port to the computer code of the chips/os, et al. That is why, roughly, all i/o needs drivers. No one can argue that Ethernet is not a standard, yet it needs drivers to be useful, same thing for sata and pata.

      Saying, “If USB was truly universal, there would be no need for host devices and drivers.” Does not even make sense. Why would needing host devices and drivers mean it is not universal?? The test of the universality of some things is not how it is built or implemented, but is it used universally, and USB is used universally, therefore it is a universal standard. Just because it is an universal standard does not mean that there cannot be other universal standards, such as Ethernet, serial ports, parallel ports, et al. And actually, serial ports as you describe, maybe have a universal standard, but they are no longer a universal device. They are found only in special use environments, and old computers. The disadvantage of the old serial ports was that you could not plug more than on device in without a switch to select between the devices. USB is a serial device, but, you might say, the next generation. It allows you to plug multiple devices into one port which is why it has host devices. A system that is dedicated to one function can live with the old serial port, because you are not going to plug it into a different device, it is a fixed connection that will not change. But look at our computers, we have printers, hds, optical drives, optical scanners, radio scanners, music players, cameras, et al, all plugged into our computers via a serial port. You cannot do this with the old serial device, you would have to have a half dozen or more serial cards in order to do all we can do with USB.


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      On Jun 23, 2013, at 19:44, Gary wrote:
      > Because it's an incredibly flexible standard that happens to be, uh,
      > universal. Phones, GPS, even the Harmony TV remotes use it.
      <DaveL> If USB was truly universal, there would be no need for host devices and drivers.

      I operate multi-million $$$ machinery that is programmed using Serial Protocol only. Even the Electric Fork Trucks are serial.

      No need for drivers and host devices. Serial is a STANDARD. No support needed for compatibility with various OSs. Believe or not, Serial Protocol is not going anywhere, especially for manufacturing machinery.

      Dave L.

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