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8133Re: Sorry For The Redundancy

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  • zoykz
    Jul 8, 2013
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      Yeah, I had no idea Uniden did that. I'm glad I wasn't shafted by Fry's.

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Dean B. Dalrymple" <deanbdalrymple@...> wrote:
      > It sounds to me like you have forgotten that Uniden pre-programs all
      > of it's new scanners at the factory before they are shipped out.
      > At 10:36 PM 7/7/2013, you wrote:
      > >Here is what was supposed to be posted:
      > >Thanks for your help. But now only more questions pop up. Sorry for
      > >trying your patience. A constant fear of mine is that I'm paying
      > >full price for a 396 that was USED and returned. Radio Shack flat
      > >out sold me a 396 and it clearly had been used and programmed
      > >although they sold it at full price. They fought me on the return. A
      > >trip to Fry's resulted in just two left with one sold as used and
      > >the other as new. I bought the new. Problem #1: I went from MENU to
      > >SEARCH FOR... to EDIT CUSTOM and punched in my upper and lower
      > >frequencies and backed out. I turned it off to take a breather. I
      > >turned it back on and went to CUSTOM SEARCH and it just sticks on
      > >CUSTOM 10 even though I chose CUSTOM 1 as the place for my lower and
      > >upper frequencies. I can't get it to go to CUSTOM 1 even though I
      > >turn the knob to manipulate the up and down arrows. How does one
      > >does this? (On my old BC250 I just punched in the numbers on the
      > >keyboard to get the corresponding "scan range".) Problem #2:
      > >However, on CUSTOM 10 of my 396 I see "959.9625MHz". I never created
      > >the CUSTOM 10 and I certainly did not punch in "959.9625MHz" So does
      > >this mean that a previous user of my fine 396 created this "CUSTOM
      > >10"?? Was I sold a used 396? I just punched a number on the keyboard
      > >and the 396 went from "959.9625MHz" is to "946.1375MHz". So I
      > >someone has previously owned my "new" 396? I really don't know how
      > >to present this to Fry's to get a refund, LOL. It's way beyond their
      > >30 day return policy. I'd be grateful if you could please tell me
      > >how I could access my CUSTOM 1 so I could at least listen to my
      > >frequencies as I ponder my alleged rip-off, LOL.
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