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8118Re: [BCD396XT] 396Xt Display Light

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  • john szalay
    Jul 6, 2013
      "light on" at start is not the default setting.  
       Welcome screen is normal 
      otherwise appears normal  ...  light on when pressed when already powered up..

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      Subject: [BCD396XT] 396Xt Display Light


      If I recall correctly at first press of On/Off button - beep - the display light is on. It shows the welcome screen. Is this normal?

      If above is correct, how do I reset my radio? My unit's light is not on at startup?

      After the unit is on - running - scanning - a press of the On/Off button does light up correctly.

      What I have tried:

      1) Reset - Turn off scanner - Press2, 9, hold while turing it on.
      2) Loaded Flash memory via BC_VUP_V3 -- Firmware 1-11-01

      Thanks for your comments.


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