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8110Re: [BCD396XT] Flashing HOLD

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  • chris451
    Jul 4, 2013
      This is for UPman

      I'm a guy that likes to fix it if I can.
      I accidently dropped 28 volts across the 6v line on a BC396xt.
      I picked up another one to compare voltages.......and get the first one
      running again.
      This high voltage incident took out a TI audio amp that was shorting the 6v.
      It also blew a zener hanging on the power jack.
      After I replaced the amp and zener, it powers up but doent like to run
      on external power.
      Also it degraded the dual mosfet that switches between external and
      (a small SOT 6 pin part down and to the right of the charge jack ) so I
      can run on battery and sometimes I can charge it but not consistantly.
      So I'm trying to figure out if that mosfet is a dual N Dual P or a pair
      N and P.
      My thinking is its a dual P channel but the part marking is a mystery.
      UPman can you take a look at the schematic on the power inlet and tell
      me what the dual MOSFET part is? Then I'd have it perfect again. As it
      is I have to swap batteries to keep it going,
      I think the radio sees low voltage on an A/D and thinks the input
      voltage is off.
      Also since it wont run on the power jack I can't upgrade firmware til I
      get that fixed.
      I believe Uniden would say send it in but I haven't checked into that.
      Can send a photo if you need it...would be nice if Uniden published the
      schematic for this like Icom ane everyone else does, and alignment info
      if any.

      I have the BC396T and it is not as sensitive as the BC396XT, is that due
      to improvements in the design or do I have a 'sick' bc396t? I have had
      to repair the input capacitor which gets cracked with use and breaks
      apart. I've learned you are not supposed to touch the capacitors with
      soldering irons directly as this starts a crack which will eventually
      break the part.....

      Keeping them running................chris

      On 7/4/2013 5:08 PM, Uniden UPMan wrote:
      > Flashing HOLD indicates you are in system hold mode. To get into or
      > out of that mode, press and hold HOLD for a few seconds.
      > UpMan
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      > >Subject: [BCD396XT] Flashing HOLD
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      > >Hello,
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      > >How do I remove a flashing "HOLD" display during ID Scan?
      > >BC396xt radio.
      > >
      > >Thank you for the help.
      > >
      > >Greg
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