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8066Re: [BCD396XT] New YahooGroups for the newer Uniden Scanner Models

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  • Bob Burns W9BU
    Jun 23, 2013
      At 08:24 PM 6/23/2013, Rich Carlson wrote:

      >Uniden may also want to look at the various USB GPS devices or sell their
      >own for those devices that use them.

      But that would require that the scanner act as a host device for the
      USB GPS receiver. How much computing horsepower would that take?

      >They could develop an internal one for scanners with provisions for
      >external antennas, perhaps even go so far as to sell a combination
      >GPS/Scanner antenna for vehicles.

      Given that the Icom ID-51, Kenwood TH-D72, and Yaesu VX-8G amateur
      radio handhelds have internal GPS receivers as standard equipment, I
      don't know why Uniden couldn't produce a handheld scanner with the
      same feature. Yes, it would be an added cost that would have to be
      borne by the consumer.

      Which leads us down a different path. Can the scanning community
      support an even more expensive scanner than the HP-1? Is there enough
      of a market to justify the development, testing, and production of
      such a scanner?

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