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7969RE: [BCD396XT] Trunk systems with multiple sites

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  • Michael Hopkins
    Jun 2, 2013
      Problem resolved: I took someone's advice and programmed an single site
      know to have MA SP activity and a single group with the State Police TGID's
      entered - it worked fine. I then added sites, one at a time with no problem.
      Next I added re-banded sites, and again, no problem..

      Apparently the problem was the 396xt didn't like having so many multiple
      sites AND multiple TGID groups. Two identical systems, on with multiple
      groups doesn't work, one with a single group works fine..

      Hope this helps someone!

      Mike Hopkins K1VLB


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      Subject: [BCD396XT] Trunk systems with multiple sites

      Trying to re-program some changes to the Massachusetts state police trunking

      I have 2 systems: one is Mot Type II/P25 and the other is P25S.

      In the Mot Type II/P25 system, I have 19 sites each consisting of a number
      of frequencies per Radio Reference.

      3 of those sites are re-banded. Do I need to make a separate system for the
      re-banded sites? I also have 7 groups - Troop A, Troop B, etc. some of these
      will use the re-banded sites so do they need to be separated somehow?

      The rebanded sites each have two system ranges in the band plan, one with a
      440 offset and the other with a 0 offset - both are 25 kHz steps. I'm not
      100% sure this is right but it appears to be.

      I'm programming using FreeScan - the manual says you can only have one
      trunked system per band but not sure how this is assigned in FreeScan. I can
      assign a quick key 0-99 but how does the band get assigned? 0-9 is one band?

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Mike Hopkins K1VLB

      Mhopkins735@... <mailto:Mhopkins735%40charter.net>

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