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7959Re: [BCD396XT] firmware update

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  • Clark Rennie
    May 31, 2013
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      Don't rely on updated Firmware to clear up all the problems on P25 Systems.
      Many Simulcast systems are giving scanner enthusiasts frustrations, both
      with Uniden and GRE (also Radio shack).
      Search with "Scanners and P25 Simulcast Systems" and see for yourself.


      At 08:26 PM 5/30/2013, you wrote:

      >Hello everyone just curious if anyone is in the northeastern ohio area
      >that can help with a firmware update will compesate for the help I can
      >come to you firmware I am currently running is 1.07.00 belive that is the
      >reason I am hearing alot of distortion in the new p25 system or if no one
      >can help is there any communication buisness near lakewood cleveland ohio
      >thanks in advance would greatly appreciate the help my email adress is
      >gheinz1986@... not looking to get it done for free would definitely
      >pay someone for the help just dont want to send it to unoden and wait 2
      >months to get my scanner back in hand
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