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7953Re: [BCD396XT] ubcd396xt deaf on 468 mhz??

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  • Tony Langdon
    May 29, 2013
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      On 30/05/13 12:16 PM, Garry wrote:
      > Where are you Mick,, Im in the Hunter Region and the scanner works a treat
      > on 468MHz
      I can't comment on 468 MHz, but at 477 MHz it's not too far behind the
      UHF CB (and most of that difference would be in the antennas). I use
      mine mostly around 160 MHz for CFA frequencies, and again, no dramas
      there, other than the occasional intermod from police and commercial
      frequencies in a couple of small areas, to be expected as I'm using a
      1/2 wave for 160 MHz on the car.

      73 de Tony VK3JED
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