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7869Re: Beaten Subject to death

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  • David Cranton
    May 8, 2013
      One can NEVER learn to much, or from too many people.

      Myself, I have been involved with radios/scanning etc since the late 50's!
      I do NOT know it all, in fact I know very little. I have learned a lot from
      the replies to the antenna and many other posts.

      I am not an engineer. I am a mechanic. I am educated, a degree in
      electronics, but antenna theory is not my strong area, so I enjoy the
      thoughts, guidance and experience of others on here.

      Some on this and other forums may be VERY new to this, do not discourage
      their questions.

      I am also a model railroader, a hobby like this that encompasses a small
      part of the population. We need to help the "new guys" add them and others
      to the hobby so that we can keep up industries interest in developing new
      and better products and support for what they already have.

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