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7741Re: [BCD396XT] USB-1 vs. Serial to USB Adapter

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  • Uniden UPMan
    May 1 2:46 PM
      Effective with our next incoming shipment from our supplier, the USB-1 will use the HX rD chipset. We need about 40 Windows 7 and earlier customers to step up and buy the USB-1 we have on hand. :)

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      > From: Matt Zinicola <matt@...>
      >To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      >Sent: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 4:08 PM
      >Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] USB-1 vs. Serial to USB Adapter

      >the chipset contained within the USB-1 is not supported by Windows 8 (per the
      >excerpt below taken from the document "PL2302 Windows Driver User Manu
      >You will need a USB-to-serial adapter that contains the PL2303 HX revision D,
      >such as this one:
      >I had tested the USB-1 and found (on my own) that it did not work with Windows
      >8. I stumbled upon the pdf mentioned above. I purchase the plugable model
      >cited above and found it to work flawlessly under Windows 8.
      >I hope that helps,
      >Document excerpt:
      >USB Device with below PL-2303 chip versions and their supported OS Family:
      >Chip Version
      >Windows 2000 / XP
      >(32 & 64 bit)
      >Vista / Windows 7
      >(32 & 64 bit)
      >Windows 8
      >(32 & 64 bit)
      >PL-2303H Yes Yes Not Supported*
      >PL-2303HX (Rev A) or HXA Yes Yes Not Supported*
      >PL-2303X or XA Yes Yes Not Supported*
      >PL-2303HX (Rev D) or HXD Yes Yes Yes
      >PL2303TA Yes Yes Yes
      >PL2303TB Yes Yes Yes
      >PL2303EA Yes Yes Yes
      >PL2303RA Yes Yes Yes
      >PL2303SA Yes Yes Yes
      >* - PL2303H, PL-2303HX (Rev A), and PL-2303X are EOL and discontinued chips and
      >Prolific will not
      >provide Windows 8 driver support. New driver versions will show yellow mark
      >(Error Code 10) in Device
      >Manager for these EOL chip versions under Windows 8. Prolific recommends using
      >PL2303HXD chip
      >Quoting ccm4181 <mailto:cm4181%40gmail.com>:
      >> I've had my BCD396XT for a few months now. I've used a very old computer
      >> to program it up to this point with the included serial cable but the
      >> computer doesn't work very well. I'd like to get either the USB-1 cable
      >> Uniden sales but I've read some people have problems with it. Will it be
      >> better to get the USB-1 cable or a serial to USB adapter? If it makes
      >> any difference the computer I'd be using it with is running Windows 8.

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