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7732RE: [BCD396XT] Antenna Options for my BCD396XT

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  • Michael Hopkins
    May 1, 2013
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      Richard ---

      There are several options to improve reception in a trailer:

      If it's metal, a mag mount antenna designed for 2m/440MHz amateur use works
      very well on all frequencies and would be a big improvement over any hand
      held antenna. It would also be simple to use in the truck as well.

      At my cabin in northern Maine, I have a Discone antenna made by Diamond
      (there are others available as well). It's broadband - 50MHz to 1GHz ---
      easy to assemble and all you need is a pole to attach to the trailer. I just
      have mine on the deck in a corner in the loft of the cabin and it works very
      well. I also use a Discone at home on a 35 foot pole.

      There are other alternatives, but I've found the mag mount and discone to be
      pretty simple, excellent scanner antennas and not expensive..

      Good luck.

      Mike Hopkins K1VLB


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      Subject: [BCD396XT] Antenna Options for my BCD396XT

      We spend 9 months out of the year in a travel trailer as camp hosts. I have
      a BCD396XT scanner (that I program manually because I only have a MAC) and I
      want to get better reception.
      What antennas do you people recommend as an upgrade to the stock antenna?
      Eventually, I want to get one for the truck so I can listen while driving,
      but for now I want to concentrate for one to use in the trailer, since we
      are going to be stationary for May and June.


      rvenneman@... <mailto:rvenneman%40gmail.com>

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