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7672Re: [BCD396XT] The perfect mobile

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  • Mike
    Apr 24, 2013
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      Lot of good suggestions here. Personally, I use a cellular telephone
      mag-mount antenna that was popular with the old analog bag phones.
      About 15" long with an open coil section in the middle. It works great
      for 800 MHz systems, and seems to work quite well on VHF and ok on UHF.
      These can be found for little or nothing nowadays since today's phones
      don't have external antenna connections anymore.


      On 4/24/2013 7:31 AM, Michael Hopkins wrote:
      > In the car, I have a 2m/440MHz mag mount that works well on all the scanner frequencies, including the 800MHz trunked systems. Several manufacturers make them and I I’ve used Diamond and others with equal success (the Diamond lasts longer!). Not much left of interest to me on the lower VHF bands (below 50MHz) but the mag mount would likely work better on those frequencies than any hand held antenna.
      > FYI for portable use, I found the Diamond H77CA works exceptionally well with the scanner. It’s about 15 inches long (38cm) and provides some gain over the standard short antennas.
      > My 2 cents…
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