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7606Re: [BCD396XT] trying to listen to two different types pf systems at once

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  • Mike
    Apr 7 11:47 AM
      Joe is right. I've also had a system and a group locked out by accident
      and didn't know it until I had downloaded the systems from the scanner
      into ARC-XT and noticed the lockout checked on a system. I've also had
      a case where the group for a system didn't have the check-mark in ARC-XT
      which basically locked out that group.

      Are you using Freescan or ARC-XT for programming? If so, dump your
      systems into the program from the scanner and check for systems/groups
      on hold or locked out. that's sometimes quicker than using the scanner
      to check if you aren't totally familiar with the menus in the scanner.


      On 4/7/2013 1:18 PM, MCH wrote:
      > It sounds like you have the System Hold function activated. Is the HOLD
      > icon flashing on your screen? If this is the problem, press and hold the
      > HOLD button until it beeps (about 2 seconds).
      > Joe M.
      > chuck cubbin wrote:
      >> Thank you for all that respond. Now that I know that it is possible, my next dumb question is how?
      >> How does one scan two systems at once?
      >> I press Function and turn the Volume knob to select the system I want to hear. Then I push scan. It then scans the one system What am I missing here.
      >> And I am still not sure how the Quick keys work. I assign my trunk system to #9 and my aircraft to #7.
      >> On my display the number #7 never flashes. Just the #9 and my trunk system is the only thing scanning.\.
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