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7485RE: [BCD396XT] Scan stopped working correctly

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  • John L Waller
    Mar 16, 2013
      Not to mention backing up all systems before making any changes....


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      Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Scan stopped working correctly

      Yes, you could have inadvertently changed something. That's why all users
      should at least, make an effort to learn how to use and program their
      scanner properly.


      At 10:14 PM 3/15/2013, you wrote:

      >I recently bought this scanner from ScannerMaster and they programmed it
      >for me. It is running firmware 1.10. I must have changed a setting but
      >am unsure. The scanning of all the programmed police, fire, etc
      >frequencies is going very slow, some times just stays on one police
      >frequency even though Hold was not pushed, and I am also getting Air,
      >Military Air, Railroad and similar even though I never used to see them.
      >I just want it to work as it did when I got it. Scan through all
      >programmed systems quickly and stop when a communication is heard.
      >Could I have changed one or more settings? Thank you for any help.

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