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7391RE: [BCD396XT] Testing antennas

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  • John L Waller
    Feb 18, 2013
      Thanks for the ideas. What is needed is a transmitter the broadcasts at a
      consistent power, and either 24/7 or fixed predictable intervals. I suppose
      the ideal would be a transmitter in each of several bands. One problem
      with dispatch channels, if I am thinking of the same thing, is that
      different agencies in our operate on the same frequencies so signal strength
      will vary depending on the location. Of course, the ideal setup would be to
      use a mast mounted antenna, but I have to clear that with the landlord, plus
      find a local supplier of mastsJ


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      On VHF you can use a NOAA transmitter. On VHF/UHF you can use a paging
      transmitter. On most bands you can use a trunking control channel.

      Or, you can simply use a marginal dispatch channel and listen
      for a while. But, conditions can affect this setup more.

      Of course, being a portable antenna is tough to test because an
      inch may make more of a difference in capture area than the antenna.

      Joe M.

      John L Waller wrote:
      > I have a couple of different antennas for handhelds, is there a good way
      > test them out to determine which might have the best reception?? Trying to
      > keep track of specific frequencies while testing these antennas is tricky
      > there is no guarantee as to when they will be transmitting. BTW, I am
      > Arc-xt Pro software, although I do have freescan if it would help in
      > these antennas.
      > Thanks, for any suggestions,
      > John Waller
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