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7377Re: [BCD396XT] Re: A better understanding of P25 decoding

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  • Tony Langdon
    Feb 12, 2013
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      On 13/02/13 3:12 PM, Michael Hopkins wrote:

      > Sorry, but I have to take issue with John Stark’s comments about grounding a Yagi. Any Yagi will work with a scanner or hand held tranciever without being grounded. What IS important is that you use good quality coax as John suggests and that the coax braid is properly connected to the yagi and the scanner.
      Don't forget polarisation. Most, if not all of the signals of interest
      to people in the group here are going to be verticaly polarised, because
      that makes it easy to use a simple vertical antenna for mobile
      stations. That means any Yagi needs to be mounted "on its side", and
      not "flat" like a TV antenna. The loss caused by this cross
      polarisation can exceed 20 dB, and the radiation pattern is likely to be
      all over the place, increasing the likelihood of reflections corrupting
      the received signal, especially when receiving digital transmissions.

      73 de Tony VK3JED
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