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7247RE: [BCD396XT] USB Serial Adapters (was Re: Firmware update issue)

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  • Boykiin Roseborough
    Jan 12, 2013
      Just updated the BCD396XT firmware without any problem. I am using Windows
      7 Home Premium and the USB to Scanner cable that came with my BCD996XT.


      Boykin Roseborough, N2CP



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      Subject: [BCD396XT] USB Serial Adapters (was Re: Firmware update issue)

      kc9vzv wrote:
      > Well I have been trying to update my drivers for a few hours tonight and
      it does not
      > seem to be working... :( Should I try to get a whole new serial-to-usb
      cable? Any chance that that would help?

      Dan Simon wrote:
      > so I may just order one online for $10. We'll see. Thanks for the input.

      I didn't see a mention what OS your are running and a few other details that
      would help
      determine if this is your problem or not.

      However, many people have been experiencing problems with Windows 7 and
      cheap Chinese
      knockoffs of the Prolific USB serial adapter that you see cheaply available
      for $10 and less.

      A somewhat recent update to the Prolific driver which Windows Update will
      try to
      install attempts to detect the non-genuine chips and prevent them from
      This causes a set the situation a cable setup that previously worked is no
      recognized and the com port goes away.

      Here's one guide to dealing with Prolific drivers:

      (for more google for "prolific error 10 windows 7)

      NOTE: If you are going to go through the exercise of buying another USB to
      serial cable,
      I strongly suggest that you spend more than $10 and find one that is based
      on the
      FTDI USB serial chip. FTDI will be in the description of the cable from most
      reputable places. It will cost $15-25 instead of $10 or less, but you will
      a lot less time doing trial an error with drivers. The better cables also
      to have better voltage level converters which tends to make things more

      Hope this helps,

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