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  • nz8j
    Jan 8, 2013
      I've tried the suggestions offered by some on here but still can't make the 396 copy my local County sheriff.

      Maybe I just do not understand nough to ask the right question(s)...

      Should a file downloaded from my 996XT work the same on my 396XT when uploaded to it?

      when uploading to the 396XT I check the block that says erase all systems and settings and the only other block checked is to resume scanning after uploading.

      The 996XT works on all the frequencies I upload and the 396XT works on all systems EXCEPT the new Clark County P25 frequencies.

      Shouldn't they both work the same using the same file, is there something else I need to do to the 396XT to make it work properly?

      I updated the firmware this morning to 1.11, no difference.

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