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72Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Multi-site functionality

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  • JETorres
    Oct 27, 2008
      Basically and the definition I'm using for "Multi-Site" is:

      Pausing on a trunked system talkgroup and have the scanner track the
      TG across all the programmed control channels for the system.

      This is useful when tracking "roaming" users on a system since there's
      no way to know which site they might be affiliated to at any given
      time. If you stick to one control channel only and the user has since
      moved on to a different site, you'll miss his subsequent
      transmissions. The latest GRE models offer this feature. From Paul
      O.'s earlier response, the Uniden models including the upcoming
      BCD396XT do not have this feature.

      On Oct 27, 2008, at 11:56 AM, roxie2401 wrote:

      > José,
      > Can you possibly describe for us lay-people how multi-site works on
      > the
      > GRE units and how it apparently will differ on the BDC396XT? I
      > guess I
      > don't fully understand the GRE workings.
      > Thanks
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