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7164Re: 396XT/996XT problem?

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  • nz8j
    Jan 5, 2013
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      Thanks to all for the information and suggestions. I will try the firmware upgrade to see if that helps and also look at the other suggestions to make sure I have everything set correctly.

      The radio is new, I just got it through Amazon a few weeks ago in anticipation of the move from conventional to the OHIO MARC system so I don't know how up to date the firmware is, I just assumed it would be current.

      It is on the same antenna as the 996 so it should be ok on signal strength.

      I did try downloading the file from the 996 and uploading it to the 396, still didn't work so it may be a firmware issue...

      I'll post again after I try the firmware and other suggestions...

      thanks again for the suggestions.


      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "nz8j" wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am very new to scanning using the trunked systems. My local sheriff and emergency services recently went to the Ohio Multi agency radio system. I have a 996XT that I was able to program using Freescan and importing frequencies from Radio Reference and can copy the new system the sherrif is using fine on the 996XT.
      > However I also have a 396XT hand held that for some reason I cannot get to receive the new frequencies. I went through the same procedures that I did for the 996XT but cannot receive the sheriff. I can copy all the other frequencies both cnv and trunked on the 396 that I can on the 996.
      > I have some questions:
      > 1. Do the freescan files for both the 996XT and 396XT have 996 as the "type" of file or should the 396 file have the file type as 396? The files saved from programming the 396 show up as 996 file types.
      > 2. If so should you be able to upload a file saved from the 996XT to the 396XT scanner?
      > Any ideas as to why I cannot seem to upload the new system to the 396XT? I compared the setting on the 996 files that work on the 996XT scanner to the files I uploaded to the 396XT scanner and they look the same.
      > I'm stumped... but of course being new to this that is not saying much
      > Thanks in advance for any help in trying to receive the new systems here in Clark County Ohio.
      > Tim
      > NZ8J
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